Write Positive Diary

Journaling = writing in a notebook in which you only write something that you think is positive - can change your life to the better.

The secret about writing Positive Diary is, to do it every day.

That is important.

What you write is not that important, as long as you think that what you write in your Positive Diary is positive, joyful or filled with bliss or thankfulness.

My personal experience with writing Positive Diary began for more than 30 years ago at a time where my live was very challenging.

By writing something positive *every day' for 3 months 'changed my life' to the very better.

Try it yourself.

Writing affect our subconsciousness profoundly.

If you want to use Positive Diary as a tool

If you want to use writing in your Positive Diary as a tool for selfdevelopment you shall - for at least 3 months - write something positive every day.

For inspiration:
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