About Birgit Månestråle

My drive for exploring the field of personal growth is based on my journey from physical imbalance and low self-esteem to the life of my dreams.

My journey began in 1982 when joining the School of Mutual Therapy in Copenhagen, Denmark, followed by training as a teacher focusing on developing communication skills and finding evidence of Conscious Positive Thinking being beneficial.

During my own personal development journey taking tiny steps often have benefitted me immensely.

I offer Workshops, Training, Courses and Coaching.

For more information:
Send an e-mail to info@birgitmaanestraale.dk
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Let me show you how – you can get what you really want !
Step by step.

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Birgit Månestråle

Let me show you how
you can
learn Danish with ease
let me show you tools
and give you inspiration to clarify
and achieve your dreams by focusing on
Possibility Thinking.

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20 minute appointment via phone or Skype.

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