Choose the 3-hour Workshop

  • to get started
  • to go to your next level …

Let me show you how – you can get what you really want.

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Walk & Talk is a possibility to 'get fresh air' physically and mentally.

Choose Walk & Talk

  • when you want to or/ need to have good company with another human being capable of being mindfull and listening
  • when you just want to have company
  • when you want someone to share your joys and succeses with
  • when you just want to share the joy of being here and now, now, now, now.

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Danish courses

Contact me in order to create a designed for you Danish course.

You can learn Danish:

  • 1-1
  • via phone, Skype, Facetime…
  • as Walk & Talk picking up words 'as we go' or where we are
  • in a small group with other adult students eager to practice and understand everyday Danish.

When you choose to study with me, the atmosphere is informal - and - the focus is on YOU, your needs and wishes.

By allowing the learning process to be relating, your motivation and ability to achieve new language skills are improved.

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Birgit Månestråle

Let me show you how
you can
learn Danish with ease
let me show you tools
and give you inspiration to clarify
and achieve your dreams by focusing on
Possibility Thinking.

Begin by making a
20 minute appointment via phone or Skype.

Suggest your favourite time slot between 8 am & 8 pm on weekdays by writing to