Find and manifest your dreams - step by step

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Let me show you how – you can get what you really want.

in order to optain:

  1. Clarity
    With the simple: List-making-method you’ll find answers to questions like: What makes me happy and: What do I really want? (and more!)

  2. A reachable goal
    Through conversation, awareness and personalized Positive Affirmations you will discover what you desire to manifest.

  3. A mini-plan of action
    The targeted communication and the written exercises result in a plan of action, which is easy to accomplish.

  4. Ideas to handle obstacles
    Using the tools Catharsis Writing and Creative Visualization will help you overcome bumps and obstacles on your journey of self-exploration and help you achieve your goals.

  5. A tool to focus on your successes
    Find inspiration to keep a Positive Diary.

The tools presented to you are simple yet profound and also easily implemented. They will create a positive change in your life.

The workshop is 3 hours of intense focus on you. You get my focused attention and tools to support you in achieving what you really wish for and want.

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Birgit Månestråle

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