Free Danish email lessons for you.

Do you already understand some Danish ?

If you do understand some Danish, you might want to sign up for the free email lessons: Lær dansk – hver dag (Learn Danish – every day) presented in Danish addressing intermediate and skilled students. (Sometimes words are translated or explained into English).

Lær dansk – hver dag is free emails with explanation of words and expressions, the conjugation of verbs and nouns, explanation of Danish customs, idioms, common phrases and referral to resources.

Originally, I sent a lesson every day, but now the lessons arrive in your inbox irregularly. The goal still is, that you, who choose to receive the free Lær dansk - hver dag lessons, choose to learn (a little) Danish - every day.

Lær dansk – hver dag is "bite-sized learning of Danish". As short as possible, so you - easily - can learn a little at a time.

Do you want to get "Danish in your inbox" – for free, please send an email to

Begin your message with this text:
Ja tak til at lære dansk hver dag
and please provide

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  • The email address you want to receive your almost daily lær dansk – hver dag lessons.

And: If you want to, then also give me information about:

  • your reason for learning Danish
  • your nationality
  • the city in which you are currently living
  • 'something about you'.

Do you need or want to learn (more) Danish ?

Buy Danish lessons customized for you as 1-1 sessions or in a small group with your colleagues or friends.
We can meet where it is convenient for both of us and/or we can meet by using the phone or Skype.
Walk & Talk sessions is a possibility, too.

Read in Danish here.

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