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Danish courses

Contact me in order to create a designed for you Danish course.

You can learn Danish:

  • 1-1
  • via phone, Skype, Facetime…
  • as Walk & Talk picking up words 'as we go' or where we are
  • in a small group with other adult students eager to practice and understand everyday Danish.

When you choose to study with me, the atmosphere is informal - and - the focus is on YOU, your needs and wishes.

By allowing the learning process to be relating, your motivation and ability to achieve new language skills are improved.

Though the atmosphere is informal, you will still have to practice pronunciation, conjugate verbs, know some basic grammar and do homework.

My goals for your achievements are high.

You must take responsibility for your own learning process by asking anything and everything of importance to you.

When choosing me as your Danish teacher, you will learn by doing. Through trial and error you'll get better, better and better - inch by inch - bit by bit - word by word - and: You'll actually speak Danish during your first lesson!

I am thoroughly enjoying the course and appreciate all your help and assistance!

Best regards,
November 2016.

Customised for you

Are you ready to 'say yes'
… to a course of 15 lessons of 120 minutes ?

Find prices here for a Danish language course with 15 lessons of 120 minutes just for you or to share with 1 or 2 others as a small group.

Additional expenses to cover books, meeting room, transportation and lodging - as per agreement, apply.

Flexible scheduling - ask for your preferred week-day and time at info@birgitmaanestraale.dk


Choose the 3-hour OpenDanish workshop, in order to

  • practice speaking Danish
  • get answers to your questions
  • meet others who are eager to learn Danish and to be able to cope in the Danish society.

For more information write info@birgitmaanestraale.dk.

View or download infosheet about OpenDanish workshops.

Do you need to consider …

Send an email to: info@birgitmaanestraale.dk to get a list of resources to get you started.

Ready to study with me ?

Send an email to: info@birgitmaanestraale.dk and let us find a suitable schedule for you.

Learn in an informal but targeted way.

Choose me, Birgit Månestråle, as your Danish teacher because

  • I'm on your side
  • I interact with you, giving you opportunities to use Danish
  • I understand your frustrations and challenges because, as an adult, I've experienced not being able to express myself
  • I dare you - and I “hold your hand” while learning “to dare to speak”
  • I encourage you to: Keep on keeping on - in order for you to reach your goal: Being able to understand, speak and write everyday Danish.

For appointments and further information: Write me at: info@birgitmaanestraale.dk

For prices click here.

Free Danish email lessons

Sign up for the free emails Learn Danish - with ease in order to get hints and links to learn the Danish language and to get some insights into the Danish culture.

My aim is, to help and inspire you to learn Danish as well as to cope in the Danish society.

Learn Danish with ease is addressing beginners and is mainly presented in English.

Another free email service, mainly presented in Danish, is offered to intermediate and skilled learners. The name of that service is: Lær dansk - hver dag.

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Udtaletræning og samtale på telefon eller via Skype
Privatundervisning i dansk
Workshop OpenDanish (pdf på dansk)
Workshop OpenDanish (pdf in English)

Birgit Månestråle

Let me show you how
you can
learn Danish with ease
let me show you tools
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Begin by making a
20 minute appointment via phone or Skype.

Suggest your favourite time slot between 8 am & 8 pm on weekdays by writing to